Flooding Update

Hi Everyone!

We are grateful for your support and would like to personally thank Shayne, Ann Marie & Bryan Schell, Bob Tomchuk, Tyler & Robin from the Men in Black Team, and my brother Brad for helping us pull off a “daring”, covert, late night asset recovery! With all hands on deck, everything single bike was recovered, untouched by the flood, and transported to safety.

Over the next few days, we are going to start building and servicing your bikes that have been ordered & dropped off.

At the same time we will be looking for a place to temporarily set up shop, until the flood clears and the dust settles, downtown.

Thank you for being there for us, You are the reason that we are here! ❤

Though we do not have a temporary store front location secured, yet, we are still open to ordering and servicing bikes remotely. We are providing free pick up and deliver, once we get organized over the next few days.

Below are some photos of our area!


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